Revamp Your School Library with These Top Resources for Librarians

Revamp Your School Library with These Top Resources for Librarians

A school library serves as a powerful tool to spark the imagination of students while inspiring children to develop lifelong reading habits. Below we've amassed a list of resources for librarians. Those listed can help transform libraries into engaging hubs of knowledge, play, and creativity that will motivate reluctant readers.

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National Organizations for a School Librarian

Most needs of a school librarian will be met by the groups that have spent years building infrastructure to aid professionals in the field.

American Library Association

The American Library Association offers a wealth of resources, professional development opportunities, and networking platforms to help librarians excel...

ALA Annual Conference

This event attracts thousands of professionals eager to learn from experts in the field. These events provide valuable insights into current trends as well as innovative strategies librarians can implement back home.


This renowned publication offers expert book recommendations tailored specifically to students' needs across all reading levels. It is a great resource for those looking to add new library books to their collection.

Financial aid

Few parts of the school are in more need of financial aid than the library. With this in mind, the ALA offers a variety of grant opportunities that support renovation or expansion efforts for librarians facing with a financial challenge. Past funds have been used to finance book club activities, build engaging library centers, modernize media centers, and expand collections.

A beautiful library that takes full advantage of the resources for librarians online.

International Association Of School Librarianship

As the leading organization advocating for school libraries around the world, the IASL offers resources tailored to the specific needs of school librarians. From research articles on key library skills, engaging programs like the summer reading challenge, and innovative technologies that can help boost library engagement, people find that the IASL has a wealth of information at their fingertips.

IASL Convention

This is a fun and wonderful event that brings librarians together from around the globe. Here, library professionals exchange ideas, learn about emerging trends, and build professional networks. As a bonus, the conference often features thought-provoking keynote speakers. This fun library event is something all school librarians should attend at least once.

Annual Awards

The IASL uses awards to highlight exemplary practices in different areas of librarianship. Award recipients inspire others to pursue excellence while providing examples to follow. If you're looking for the best way to engage kids at any grade level, this is a good place to start.

School Library Journal

This publication offers a wide range of content with features on teaching strategies, technology trends, booklists for different age groups, and informative interviews with authors. Additionally, the SLJ sponsors free webinars to help librarians stay current in our constantly evolving field.


One excellent feature offered by the SLJ is their annual awards program. The awards recognize outstanding books for kids and young adults. It's an excellent tool for librarians who are looking to curate diverse collections that appeal to all ages, grade levels, and interests.

Book Reviews

Each week, the SLJ includes hundreds of book reviews written by experts in the field. These reviews help schools find the best library books to engage students while also meeting academic standards.


This is a wonderful resource for educators that provides quality content to enhance the learning experience of students. Visitors to the site will find webinars on library design and literacy interventions for struggling readers. These can be super helpful for novice librarians and seasoned professionals looking to stay current with industry trends.

It's important to engage kids any way you can.

Professional Networking Resources for Librarians

Of course, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in librarianship is crucial for building a successful and engaging library environment. Luckily, there are several digital applications that can help you stay connected to other professionals in the field.


While Twitter often feels like a dumpster fire, it can be a great place to follow industry leaders and participate in chats with fellow librarians. Look for conversations happening around hashtags like #tlchat and #edchat. That should help you to filter out the trash.


A social media site for readers, Goodreads is a solid place to hang out with other librarians and discover new book recommendations. It's also an excellent place to keep track of your own reading through the year.


This under-the-radar option has become a professional hub that offers a chance to connect with librarians from all around the globe. New discussions pop up every day where librarians can network with like minded professionals in the field. Definitely worth a look.

The Big Boys

Never forget about professional organizations like ALA and IASL - they offer access to exclusive resources as well as opportunities for collaborative work with fellow professionals. 

Webinars And Online Courses for a School Librarian

Professional development and continuing education are crucial for librarians to stay current on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. Luckily, webinars and online courses offer a convenient way for librarians to acquire new skills and knowledge without leaving home. Many organizations like the ALA and IASL offer regular webinars on various topics like library management, programming ideas, book curation, technology integration, and more.

In addition to these free resources, a school librarian can find a plethora of classes online to further their education.

Library Juice Academy

This site offers affordable online courses on topics like grant writing, marketing, teaching, and more.


Another excellent resource with hundreds of free course on everything from data science to education.

School librarians make the best friends.

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