What's the deal with Ghoul School?

Boosted Books is a publisher of middle grade books for reluctant readers.

Ghoul School is on a mission to keep kids reading in an increasingly distracted world. While the written word will always be our priority, each title in our catalog will receive multiple BOOSTS to engage even the most reluctant readers...

  • Our titles are beautifully illustrated, some with artwork on every page. This helps to capture the attention of visual learners who can be easily intimidated by a seemingly endless stream of text.
  • Stories are told with big fonts and lots of white on the page. This allows kids to turn pages more quickly and feel a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Many titles combine elements of prose with the best characteristics of a graphic novel, helping struggling readers strengthen reading comprehension through the use of illustrated context clues.
  • The majority of our books will include a streamable audiobook. Narrated by some of the best voice actors in the industry, each audiobook will be enhanced by Hollywood-style sound effects and ambient music to provide a read-along experience that will keep kids on the edge of their seats.
  • Most books will offer readers an opportunity to interact with their favorite stories in the REAL WORLD. Whether it's a working phone number, a peculiar web address, or an online treasure hunt, titles from Boosted will be littered with fun ways to experience the story beyond the page.

While our company may be in its infancy, we have big plans for Ghoul School. Parents and teachers can expect us to push the envelope in our effort to improve fluency, reading comprehension, and BOOST a love of reading in children all over the world!