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A word from Devlin DeGuise:

Very much like the Ghoul School series, these action-packed books combine the best of illustrated prose with graphic novels. I only hope that the monsters are given a chance to prevail in the end.

About The Last Kids on Earth:

Welcome to the world of Jack Sullivan - an ordinary thirteen-year-old who has somehow survived the monster apocalypse.

From the safety of a treehouse armed with catapults, video games, and an endless stash of Oreos and Mountain Dew, Jack faces an onslaught of Zombies, Winged Wretches, and Vine Thingies.

But the true terror? An eerily intelligent monster known only as Blarg.

Realizing he can't face these monsters alone, Jack assembles a formidable team: his geeky best friend, Quint; Dirk, a reformed middle school bully; Rover, his devoted pet monster; and June, the most fearless girl he's ever known. Together, they're on a mission to defeat Blarg, achieve the ultimate Feat of Apocalyptic Success, and help Jack shed his 'average' label.

Can they triumph in the face of such horrifying odds?

This beloved series unfolds through a captivating blend of text and dynamic black-and-white illustrations. 

What Others are Saying?

This fun series has boys and girls turning pages for a reason...

  • "Terrifyingly fun! Delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs." -- Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
  • "Middle-grade readers, particularly boys, will find Jack’s pitch-perfect mix of humor, bravado, and self-professed geekiness impossible to resist." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review
  • "Snarky end-of-the-world fun." -- Publisher's Weekly, starred review
  • "A gross-out good time with surprisingly nuanced character development." --School Library Journal, starred review
  • "The video-game-like plotting, gross-out humor, frequent pop-culture references, and quippy dialogue make this a great fit for reluctant readers." -- Booklist
Ghoul School is a great read for children who are waiting on the next book in the Last Kids on Earth series.
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