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Are you in search of a unique reading solution that will coax your child away from their phone? 

You're not alone!

Parents are engaged in a constant battle for their kids' attention. Tech companies invest billions to ensure children stay glued to the screen. If you're going to compete, you'll need a secret weapon: the Hi-Lo Book!

High-interest, low-readability books are titles crafted to deliver engaging stories that intrigue children while mitigating the frustrations reluctant readers associate with traditional books.

One standout series is taking the hi-lo concept to unprecedented heights...

Say hello to twelve-year-old Joshua Tate — an ordinary boy with an extraordinary problem. His night of parent-free fun has transformed into a terrifying ordeal after an unfinished chore morphed into... the Venus Child Trap.

Suddenly in a house alive with twisting vines in search of prey, Josh and his friends must unravel the mystery of this killer plant before it swallows them whole and takes over their neighborhood.

If they can do it before his parents get home, that would be great too!

The perfect books for kids 9-12, Ghoul School offers an innovation fusion of traditional prose, graphic novels, and enhanced audiobooks to improve reading comprehension, build fluency, and engage diverse learning styles...

  • Eerie music and Hollywood sound effects enhance a free audiobook that takes children on an unforgettable read-along journey
  • Comic-inspired illustrations propel visual learners through the story
  • Low page counts, large fonts, and friendly layouts reduce intimidation for reluctant and struggling readers
  • Age-appropriate horror holds the attention of easily-distracted children
  • Surprise endings leave kids hungry for more, helping to build a reading habit that lasts

Will Josh and his friends triumph over the Venus Child Trap, or will they learn just how poisonous procrastination can be?

There's only one way to find out...

Join the growing community of parents and educators who have seen their children transform into enthusiastic readers with this ground-breaking series.

Enroll in GHOUL SCHOOL today!

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